6 components of a killer content calendar

There’s no arguing that killer content attracts and engages visitors to your site. It can also help you become an industry thought leader. In our post “5 steps for creating dynamic content” we discuss the process of creating dynamic content. But before you can create the content, you need to make a plan for the content you are going to create. For example, you would never start building a house without a foundation because it would simply fall apart. In this case your content calendar is your foundation and in order to build the best content your strategy must be firmly placed.

creating a content calendar

A content calendar, also called an editorial calendar, will be your strategy’s framework. Building out a monthly content calendar allows you or your company to make sure your content is reflecting and amplifying overall marketing goals. For your calendar to be very effective, it is important that it has the following components:

Titles can make or break a post or article. This will initially engage your audience and a title that is boring or dull will make your blog post seem less interesting.

Details of your Content
This is the meat and potatoes of your post or article, what it’s about. It’s important to have a quick synopsis of the post or article to make sure you’re appealing to your target audience first, and a more general audience second.

Content type
Create categories for your content and then track what category that content will go into. Tracking the type of content you create will help you monitor and analyze successful posts. It will also make it easier to have variety, so you’re not continuously creating the same content.

Target audience
Create a list of the people you are targeting for your content. Make sure all of your target personas are getting their fair share of tailored content.

Many times when people create content, they fill up their article with buzzwords and industry terms, but forget all about SEO. Identify keywords or phrases that cater to your company mission, target personas and possible searches on search engines. It will help you our your company strengthen your brand’s voice and create consistency.

Call to action
Make sure that you are motivating people to take an action in your blog post or article. A call to action can be gathering more information on potential customers, directing them to a shopping cart, clicking on a link, or contacting you. If you are simply informing the customer then your call to action could be to refer them to another article or blog post on your site. This will improve your visitor duration time and help increase retention rate.

Your content calendar should be used as a roadmap to future goals but it should also be flexible. This will allow you to take advantage of unexpected issues, company news, or PR. Staying current is how you’ll get a leg up and establish yourself as a reputable source in your industry. Making sure you have these 6 components of a killer content calendar will make your content stand out from others.

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Kenny Withers

I am a blogger, strategist and speaker who works with companies to optimize their online personal and company presence, brand, internet marketing and social media marketing. This blog covers topics related to Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Brand Marketing, and Content Marketing.

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  1. Don Schatzberg says:

    A must read article! Thanks for the great tips and brief but very accurate info. Many thanks for sharing this one.

  2. Andrew Fisfys says:

    Content is so important in the world of online marketing, thanks giving me a place to start with my content strategy.

  3. Brad Sode says:

    Its very important to include your keywords in all of your online content.