The interactive map of the internet universe

The universe is such an incredibly large place. It is so large that when you look at a point in any given moment, you are only looking at tiny fraction of the overall space. But I’m not talking about the universe outside our planet; I’m talking about the spacious internet universe. Many parallels can be drawn by our physical universe and the internet universe, such as the big bang. In this parallel, the internet started from one single point in time and space and expanded exponentially to what it is today. Also, you will see circles of different shapes on the map; each of these circles represents a website. And just like actual blue giants and yellow dwarfs in our physical universe, the size of each circle represents the size of each site by web traffic.

That’s pretty much the logic employed by the designers of the interactive map of the Internet Universe.

interactive map of the internet universe

There is estimated to be over 700 million active web sites on the Internet. That number is growing fast, and if you decided to visit all of them, you could spend the next 50 years surfing the web at a pace of five sites per minute, 12 hours a day, 365 days per year, and you’d still only visit about 10% of the Internet.

The circles on the map represent over 350,000 web sites from 196 countries around the world and follow these basic patterns:
– As users switch between websites, the closer the websites tend to arrange themselves to each other.
– US websites abound in the middle in light blue
– China occupies the mustard-colored region on the bottom left
– Japan, in purple, dominates the bottom-right
– Russian websites, in red, are strewn across the top

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  1. Adami Sory says:

    This is a really cool map, I’m glad I found your article, now I’m going to go and find out more websites I like.

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    I found this map to be very interesting, but there is just so much information, it’s mind boggling!

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