Best Practices for Google Enhanced Adwords – Infographic

Google launched its Google Enhanced Adwords Campaigns automatically on all accounts July 22nd, 2013. With a good deal of knowledge, this will be a very powerful ad platform. The ability to focus your ads by time, location and device is a huge leap forward, allowing you to budget and plan to get your ads seen by the people you want to see them at the optimal time for them to do business with you.

We’ve all come to the conclusion that CPCs were nominally impacted. Mobile is higher, but not that much. Tablet CPCs have increased, but those impressions are still relatively low, and the CPCs still haven’t met parity with desktop.

The bigger story isn’t about shifts in CPC but that the anxiety, restructuring and obsessive analysis of Google Enhanced Adwords campaigns, which has defined the last year in SEM, has overshadowed big societal changes in what it means to “search.” Additionally, the release of a host of new features has dramatically changed what we do in the AdWords ecosystem to reach high-intent customers. Bottom line: keywords are less important; context and first-party data are more important.

The “sheen” of Google Enhanced Adwords campaigns was about simplicity; fewer campaigns, more reach. However, the search landscape from a data and targeting perspective is way more sophisticated and complex than a year ago, and it has a lot less to do with your keywords.

Google Enhanced Adwords

The team over at Tatu Digital Media created this infographic for Google Enhanced Adwords best practices to help you get rolling quickly. The most important thing is to plan how you are going to run your campaign and take some time to familiarize yourself with your best options before switching over. Letting it wait until the last minute is not going to be in your best interest because as you will see below, stacking your bid modifiers might hurt financially.

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