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The Snappening

Because of my love for technology,blogs and viral events, I spend a lot of time surfing the net. My time is generally divided between visiting news sites and tech blogs, as well as other more popular sites like Reddit and 4chan. On October 8, 2014 I was surfing the website 4chan and ran across some chatter about an anonymous poster who mentioned that he had hacked into the servers of the third-party app website, and had stolen 100,000 pictures of snapchat users. They named this hacking event “The Snappening”. This was concerning to me for several reasons, so as an attempt to inform others of this potential breach I grabbed screen captures of all conversations on the site over two days related to this hack and the websites that the images were posted to. On October 9, 2014 I compiled the screenshots, wrote a blog post about it and sent out several tweets. The blog post was picked up by Reddit, then Forbes magazine, and eventually news outlets all over the world. Below is a list of 20 news outlets that reported on the “Snappening” event and cited my blog article as the original source of the information.

Forbes Magazine


New York Times



Tech Crunch

Yahoo News

NBC News


New York Daily News

Express UK

Daily Mail UK

Independent UK

Gizmodo Australia

Sydney Morning Herald Australia

International Business Times India

BGR India

New Zealand Herald

The Epoch Times Ireland

Scallywag and Vagabond