3 ways to improve productivity at work

If you have recently started a new job or had a change in job duties, you have probably discovered early on the need to develop or hone your time management skills at the office. Unlike high school or college where teachers frequently structured your assignments and classes filled your day at work, you will typically have less structure, more pressure, and more freedom or flexibility to arrange your workload as needed. Because of this, it is very important to establish good time management skills that will help you improve productivity at work and achieve your goals. Below are 3 ways that you can improve productivity and your time management at work.

3 ways to improve productivity at work

Increase Productivity

At your desk

Arrange your workload and tasks according to your energy and focus cycles

Optimize your work environment, and keep an organized desk

Know how to use shortcuts on your computer, phone, or equipment

Automate routine tasks as much as possible

Research and try different time management techniques

With Emails

Schedule specific times during the day to check your email

Check your email fewer times during the day if possible

Turn off notifications when you need to focus

Get to the point and provide a clear and concise message

Make sure your emails are formatted for easy readability

With all-staff emails: only reply to all staff when your reply adds value, otherwise only reply to the person who sent the email

At Meetings

Always have an agenda

Provide clear actions and decisions

Stay on subject and don’t lose focus

Plan to schedule your meetings for 1/2 hour or less

Take good notes and refer to them later


It takes time to organize your time

Keep in mind that it takes time and effort to manage your time. However, if you practice these 3 ways to improve productivity at work, you will be successful in managing your time and achieving more during the day.

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