Super Mario Brothers gets a modern revamp

If you are human, then you have fond memories of playing the game Super Mario Brothers, and as such you remember the nostalgic and flat game where a guy runs around knocking out monsters in a world of bricks and flowers. There are an endless multitude of retro games that are making a comeback as older generations return to their roots and newer generations start to discover. There is a huge market for retro games, but who really likes the old school graphics and crappy quality sound? Many people can agree that newer games may have awesome quality sound and graphics but sometimes lack the depth of character that a large number of the older games have.

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Super Mario Brothers

A visual artist who uses the YouTube channel Deloix created a clip that modernized the legendary Super Mario Bros. video game while maintaining its classic feel. It’s very similar, yet strikingly different. In this new installment, the camera pans and zooms depending on Mario’s action, and the graphics are more pristine. The mixture of classic graphics and old school feel are a great contrast to the new three dimensional effects and updated themes. The sound has also undergone a change as every step and explosion has been amplified. Avid gamers should also be pleasantly surprised by the Quake grenade launcher sounds effects that happen when Mario throws fireballs.

Check out the video below:

The clip is fun to watch, but unfortunately, the game is not available to actually play. This artist has created a lot of other fun videos, and besides his Youtube channel, you can also check out his facebook page here. We think that if game companies were to take a hint from this graphic effects artist, they would see a huge surge in game purchases. We are anxiously awaiting to see more of these older titles get updated sound and effects, but not only in a Youtube video, but in a playable version on our favorite consoles.

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