A video outrage causes a flurry of mocking parodies

R&B singer Robin Thick’s new single “Blurred Lines” has become an instant success on the Billboard Charts. The catchy tune which he recorded with rappers Pharrell and T.I. has swiftly moved up to number one. As popular as the song has become, it is likewise just as controversial. The song has been protested by many people especially women as being misogynistic and openly sexist. Many have accused the song of being “Rapey” and downright degrading to women.

The controversy gets even more heated when you look at the music video for the song, which features topless women dancing around in skin colored bikini bottoms. While the uncensored video was banned from Youtube for obvious reasons, the censored and no less offensive video remains and has drawn over 250 million views. You can see the video below:

Because of the success of the video and the controversy around it, some very creative people have found a great way to protest the video, through parodies. As a matter of fact, if you do a search for “Blurred Lines” on Youtube, only the first video displayed is the official video, and after that you will see pages and pages of parodies. For your entertainment, I’ve added a couple of my favorites below.

Mod Carousel Parody

Bart Baker Parody

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