Google+ reaches half billion users, Google Plus metrics

Late last year I wrote a blog post about an important Facebook milestone: 1 billion active users. Well, as you may have suspected Google is nipping at the heels of it’s larger competitor. In December of 2012 Google announced that they now have over 500 million users. Although this seems like a huge number, it is diminished slightly by the fact that out of that number, 135 million are said to be actively visiting the social network each month.

In a recent blog post Google’s SVP of engineering Vic Gundotra described Google+ as “the fastest growing network thingy ever.”

The user numbers for Google Plus have always been a bit elusive. Google measures its monthly active users in two ways: the total number of registered users who engage with other Google properties like YouTube, Google Search and Google’s app store (which currently stands at 235 million users) and the number who specifically visit the Google+ website an app (which is the 135 million number.)

Please enjoy the following infographic that shows a detailed breakdown of Google Plus metrics:

Google Plus user statistics

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  1. Charlee Shen says:

    Hey, killer job on this article! I can’t believer how big Google is now.